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Get Started: 3 Easy Steps & Your Business is Online
Joining the dotPhotoPro community and generating profits is a snap! Signing up is FREE and establishes an account on dotPhoto.com for you to create albums, upload photos and buy prints and merchandise from your own account. As a professional, there?s more. Create your product list, set your prices and launch your Online Portfolio.

It?s as easy as:
Sign-up for a dotPhoto account. This establishes your personal account where you can buy direct as well your Reseller account where you?ll invite your clients to browse and buy.
Create your custom product and price list. You decide what to sell and what your mark-up (and profits!) will be for each item. Even set different prices for each Album or Event.
Set-up your payment information. Complete a simple online form telling us where to send your monthly commission checks or banking information for automatic deposit.

And, of course, upload your photos. It?s that easy to get your business online and watch your profits take off!

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Note: We recommend disabling pop-up blockers to allow a separate browser window to open. Keep these steps in front of you, and follow the links in the other browser window.
Become a dotPhoto member

Selecting this link will take you to the dotPhoto member sign-up page to register with the dotPhoto community of consumers and resellers.

Create your first album

Selling prints and merchandise requires you to have albums or galleries hosted at dotPhoto.com. Creating your first album serves as a destination for uploading photographs. When creating your album, you can identify the album as a public or private gallery, set passwords for specific audiences and assign keywords for enhancing our search feature.

Upload photos to your new album

Now you?re getting close to generating some real profits. With your first album created, upload your digital photos and videos from your most recent event. Should you also use film, request film mailers from us and we?ll develop the images and load them into an album for you.


Now that you have digital images online, select the print products and merchandise that you want to offer to your clients. Creating a custom product and price list for the first time will automatically take you through the Payment Processing sequence. Simply select Direct Deposit or Check and proceed to the price list to select products and enter your own custom prices. Upon SAVING, dotPhoto will send you an email confirming your changes were saved along with a copy of your price list. Create as many custom product and price lists as you like.

Note: Custom pricing is not established until you save your price list and turn on custom pricing.

Assign this price list to your new album

Now that you have your price list(s), select the albums to which you want your price list to apply. Your guests will browse the albums or galleries they can access and when purchasing will be charged based on your custom price list. Do you have family photos hosted with dotPhoto? Choose not to assign a custom price list to your family albums and your family members and other guests will be charged the dotPhoto everyday, low price.

Create your Online Portfolio as a destination for your customers.

dotPhoto provides all the back-end fulfillment, image hosting and product selection, but your clients have a relationship with you. Create your personal Online Portfolio to serve as the destination for your clients. They come to your web site (yourusername.dotphoto.com) and find their pictures. Proceeding through the check-out process, your clients will realize you have dotPhoto behind you, assuring the highest quality images on professional grade photo paper. The experience will reinforce your direct relationship with your clients.

Complete your account profile, identifying yourself as a professional

Because your membership includes participation in both the dotPhoto consumer and reseller community, we?d like to capture some additional information to better serve your needs as a professional. By identifying yourself as a professional photographer with your business name and specific photographic specialty, dotPhoto can review your gallery activity, identify ways to grow your business or just provide a snapshot of recent events. We?re here to make your business stronger and we feel it?s that personal touch that makes the difference.


Don?t wait ? upload your photos and, using our Address Book tool, send invitations to your audience to the moments you?ve captured for them. Don?t have any listings in your dotPhoto Address Book? Import your addresses from Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express or with a delimited text file (we can help with this, too!)

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