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Intro: Empowering the Professional

dotPhotoPro empowers the professional photographer to organize, promote and sell images online. Upload photos; identify the print sizes, packages and photo merchandise to sell; set prices; and watch the profits start rolling in. It?s that simple!

As a dotPhotoPro photographer you get all the services to keep your online business in focus:

  • Secure, responsive and reliable RAID 5* image and video storage
  • Custom product and pricing selection
  • Professional quality Online Portfolio hosted by dotPhoto
  • Highest quality prints, merchandise and processing services
(*RAID 5 or Redundant Array of Independent Disks is an industry-standard for provisioning multiple hard drives to replicate data as a safeguard against individual drive failure and data loss.)

Features dotPhotoPro Other Hosting Plans
Sign up Fees Free Monthly fee
Commissions You keep 80% to 85% of each sale, (based on level of service). No other fees except credit card processing. You keep all profits after paying for hosting, bandwidth, SSL certificates, design services, etc.
Credit Card Transaction Processing Fees 3% (industry standard) Flat fee per transaction, plus a percentage per transaction, plus ?payment gateway? fees in some cases
Storage Limits Unlimited Albums & Events Limited, varies by provider & plan
Monthly Data Transfer/Bandwidth Unlimited Limited, varies by provider & plan
Web Site Design Fees Set-up is easy & FREE; includes complete customization of colors, page layout, banners, etc. May require additional fees
Payment Frequency Twice monthly Usually daily, but you must arrange for each type of credit card you want to accept; fees may vary by card or payment type and are typically higher for online/mail order sales
* Your Albums and Events can be set to ?expire? to accelerate sales or you may purchase additional storage at competitive rates. dotPhotoPro?s Online Storage Manager lets you manage your business the way you want.

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