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Photo Storage: Securing Your Images & Your Business

Its not uncommon to capture and upload several hundred images after an event and professionals need a liberal storage policy to support this volume of activity. Whether you sell digital photography or video to your customers, dotPhoto assures that you continue to have your content available to you by offering an array of premium storage options, beginning with 120 days of unlimited storage for your digital media.


For professionals that need content stored greater than 120 days, dotPhoto offers the following options to secure and protect your photographic assets!

  • High Volume Image Storage purchase additional dotPhoto storage and manage your capacity with our easy-to-use Storage Manager (Member Sign In Required)
  • CD backup - purchase an annual CD of all your images within your account and store it in your studio for greater piece of mind.

Please refer to dotPhotoPro's storage policies and terms and conditions for more detailed information on our programs and services.

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